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Different Artwork For Each Monster Brochure: You do not have to run the same exact ad for all 3 or 5 Monster Brochures and we encourage to try different headlines and offers for all 3 or 5 Monster Brochures unless you have an ad format that has been a proven winner. All graphic arts is FREE, so whether you stick with the same advertisement for all 3 or 5 Monster Brochures or you want to do a different advertisement for each to test different layouts and offers, there is no charge to you.

Artwork For Advertisement For Each Monster Brochure: You can either reply to the email receipt you receive with print ready artwork (PDF, CMKY Color, 300 DPI, .25 Bleed) or reply to this email with graphic instruction on what you want for your advertisements. Be sure to indicate for what Market each advertisement will appear in. Be sure to attach any logos and images you want used – or indicate what kind of clip art you would like. You will be sent 3 proofs within 24 to 48 hours of what you want on each Monster

Wholesale Printing Buyers Club: For 30 days from the date of this invoice, receive UNLIMTED MEMBERSHIP TO THE WHOLESALE PRINTING BUYERS CLUB. The savings can literally be $1000’s as there is no cap to how often you can purchase products from the Buyers Club. For some businesses, the savings through the Wholesale Printing Buyers Club will more than offset any investment into their direct mail advertising.

Where Will The 3 Or 5 Monster Brochures Be Mailed Initially: You can choose from up to 25 markets, if you click here, you will be brought to our map page. Also, all markets are listed above in the order form as well.

Questions About The Monster Brochure: Feel free to call the our Sales Manager, Steve Wood (727-320-3855), if you do have any further questions about the direct mail piece & The Wholesale Printing Buyers Club, he will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. You can also reach the CEO on his cell phone 7 days a week – my name is Corey Huetter (512-573-1977)

How Charges Are Made On Introductory Monster Brochures: On our initial mailing to markets, NO charges are made until the publication is filled. You will be emailed prior to confirm the charge and time frame for the Monster Brochures to hit mailboxes. Upon introductory mailings, your credit card will be charged 100 percent upon subsequent mailings to the same market.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: With any Guaranteed Ad Rate (Does NOT Include Pro Rates), after 60 days, you can request a full refund of your investment up until the 90th day from the date the Monster Brochure is mailed. Guaranteed Ad Rates are good with any publication but if exercised, it would not allow for future advertising in market. If further questions about Guaranteed Ad Rates, please call Steve or Corey.